CallTell Updated For iOS, Announces The Name Of The Caller Before Your iPhone 4/3GS Rings

iOS maybe a complete mobile operating system for millions of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users out there, but there are some bits of it which many find rather incomplete. This is where the jailbreaking community comes in to fill the voids which Apple might have left.

This new tweak we just come across in Cydia is a rather handy one. Before I go into the details of what it does, lets start off with an every day situation of where this tweak can come in as handy.

Imagine its 5AM in the morning, someone is calling you up – can even be your boss – and you being the laziest person on the planet decide to tap on the volume button on your iPhone to silent the call altogether so you can rest in utter peace. What if the call is/was important? You don’t know who was calling because the brightness of the iPhone’s screen at 5AM in the morning mimics the sun, and your eyes are too crusty to adjust to it. Wouldn’t it be better if your iPhone simply speaks out the name of the person to you who is calling?

This is exactly what CallTell does. Reads out the name of the person who is destroying your sleep at 5AM in the morning. Apart from the rather cheesy 5AM situation I made up, the tweak is very handy in a bunch of other situations, too.

It literally hammers the need to look at your phone to see who is calling you so you can take your next action accordingly. Apart from just telling you who the caller is, CallTell will also read out your unread text messages on the fly. More or less like the already-existing Accessibility options in iOS, but a bit simplified and more controllable.

Enabling and disabling certain features of CallTell is as simple as going to the Settings app on your iPhone, as you can see in the screenshots below:

CallTell 1

Keep in mind that CallTell won’t add any new icon to your homescreen, and all settings changes can be made directly from the Settings app, that’s it. Just like most of the tweaks out there in Cydia, this one performs clean on your iDevice.

The devices which are supported by CallTell are the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4 and has full support for iOS 5.x.

CallTell can be downloaded from the Cydia Store under the BigBoss repository for a reasonable price of just two bucks, not bad for such a tweak.

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